2,000 Ton (Blank or Coil Fed)

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800 - 2,000 Ton

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220 Ton - 1,600 Ton


Our automated stamping press lines are capable of producing a wide range of custom metal stampings using materials such as; carbon steel, high-strength steel, hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

•200-2,000 ton progressive, transfer, and tandem stamping presses to handle a wide range of requirements.

•Capable of forming high-strength steel material including HSLA, bake-hard, dual phase, and Domex.

•Capable of producing Class A, B, and C stampings with high production volumes.

•We produce metal stampings for markets such as; Automotive, Heavy Truck, Agricultural, and Lawn & Garden.

•24-hour tool and die support in-house.

•On-site metrology lab including dimensional analysis and metallurgy.

•CMM and laser scan measurement ensure the highest repeatable part quality.