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Deep Drawn Stamping of a Class A Roof Panel for the Automotive Industry

Deep Drawn Stamping of a Roof Panel for the Automotive Industry

With a proven track record of providing our clients with superior deep drawn stamping services, Spartanburg Steel Products undertook a deep drawn stamping project for a client in the automotive industry. To deep draw stamp this pictured roof panel, we used a tandem press line and completed stamping in one operation—including stamping complex geometry. We carried out full, dimensional inspection to ensure we met all our client’s specifications. The final roof panel measured 96.46 inches long and 96.46 inches wide, with a material thickness of .0315 of an inch. When we were certain we had successfully met all standards for quality and precision, we packaged and delivered the roof panel to our client, where it was put to use within a sport utility vehicle application.


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Project Details for this Deep Drawn Stamping of a Class A Roof Panel

Product Description This Class A Roof Panel is used within a Sport Utility Vehicle Application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Deep Drawn Stamping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Tandem Line Press
Overall Part Dimensions Length:
Material Thickness:
Typical Manufacturing Operations Deep Drawn Stamping:
Stamped Complete in one Operation
  • Complex Geometry Stamped
In process testing performed Full Dimensional Inspection
Industry for Use Automotive
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing
Product Name Class A Roof Panel
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