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Deep Drawn Stamping of a Ultra High Strength Steel Stamping for the Agricultural Industry

Deep Drawn Stamping of a Hot Rolled Steel Float Arm Bracket for the Agricultural Industry

In joint effort to redesign the Float arm assembly from a fabrication to a stamping, SSP achieved a 50% weight reduction, a 20 part number reduction while increasing strength for this component. This was accomplished thru the use of Ultra High Strength material (100,000 ksi). Spartanburg Steel was a recipient of the 2011 John Deere Innovation Award for this effort.

Surface and flatness tolerances within 2 mm, as well as a parallelism tolerance of 3 mm and a concentricity tolerance of 2 mm in outside diameter. When we had met and surpassed all expectations for precision and quality, we packaged the order and delivered the hot rolled steel float arm bracket to our client in Moline, Illinois.

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Project Details for this Deep Drawn Stamping of a Hot Rolled Steel Float Arm Bracket

Product Description This hot rolled steel float arm bracket is used within the agricultural industry.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Stamping
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 1012.0mm
Width: 97.3mm
Height: 205.3mm
Tightest Tolerances ¡¾1mm
True Position of ©ª3mm
Surface within 2mm
Flatness of 2mm
Parallelism of 3mm
Concentricity of ©ª2mm
Material Used Domex 700MC Hot Rolled Steel
Typical Manufacturing Operations Deep Drawn Stamping:
Stamped Complete in one Operation
  • Complex Geometry Stamped
In process testing performed Full Dimensional Inspection
Industry for Use Agricultural
Delivery Location Moline, Illinois
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing
Product Name Floating Arm Bracket
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