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Assembly of a Handle Stay for the Lawn & Garden Industry

Assembly of a Handle Stay for the Lawn & Garden Industry

Intended for use within a lawn mowing application, this featured handle stay was assembled by Spartanburg Steel Products for a client in the lawn and garden industry. Beginning with a customer-supplied print and requirements, we attached studs and nuts and prevented welded slag on the threads. The handle stay received an electro-deposition surface treatment and a black finish. Because no burrs or sharp edges were allowed, we conducted extensive in-process testing. We checked for visual defects, and distorted flanges and trim edges. We also checked weld splatter and the threads, to ensure all standards had been met. A destructive push-out test was performed to test force on nuts and threads.

Throughout welding and assembly we held linear tolerances down to +/- 0.5 mm, radius tolerances down to +/- 1 mm, and angular tolerances down to +/- 3 degrees. The final handle stay measured 220 mm long with a 2.3 mm material thickness, and surpassed all of our client's requirements. We then packaged and delivered the handle stay.

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Project Details for this Assembly of a Handle Stay

Product Description This assembly of a handle stay is used within a lawn mowing application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Stamping
Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness: 2.3mm
Length: 220mm
Tightest Tolerances    Linear Tolerance: ¡¾0.5mm
Radius Tolerance: ¡¾1mm
Angular Tolerance: ¡¾3¢ª
Tightest Tolerances Linear Tolerance: ¡¾0.5mm
Radius Tolerance: ¡¾1mm
Hole Tolerance: ¡¾0.2mm
Angular Tolerance: ¡¾3¢ª
Finish Electro-Deposition Surface Treatment
Characteristics No Burrs or Sharp Edges Allowed
Typical Manufacturing Operations Assembly:
  • Attach Studs & Nut
Weld Slag on Threads
In process testing performed Full Dimensional & Visual Inspection
  • Check for Visual Defects
  • Check for Distorted Flanges & Trim Edges
  • Check Weld Splatter
  • Check Threads
Destructive ¡°Push-Out¡± Test
  • Test Force on Nuts & Threads
Industry for Use Lawn & Garden
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing
Product Name Handle Stay
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